The Dark

Got to work, feeling the dark hovering over me. It got darker each passing minute.Thick, cloying… suffocating.  A friend messaged me. “Ignore it”, she said.  That’s how most of us exist each day, I guess. Struggling to fight the mundane, the stupidity, the lethargy swirling around us that is ever-present, undignified but proud, seemi gly … More The Dark

I remember

You were once soft, Absorbing the world with eyes-wide open with wonder, Telling me What made your heart flutter The things that turned your lips Upward into a smile. I miss you I really, really do. I miss seeing the pages of a book In between your beautiful, delicate hands I miss your deep thoughts … More I remember

Open up

Open up to pain, To disappointments, To failures, To mediocrity, To nothingness, To vast wastelands, To winter seas, To endless solitary. Open up, open up. There is nothing to look forward to. 


Help me I scream from the depths Find my way back Into the path of light. Break These black chains Wound around my neck. Blood has been shed Freedom bought. Help me  Find my way Back into  The Truth of  resurrection day.


Dark  My constant company No light can dissipate. You allow Momentary surfacing But always call me back Deep into the shadows. Night My comfort I am not alone These thoughts Like waves crashing on the shore Blending with  The sand.