The Dark

Got to work, feeling the dark hovering over me. It got darker each passing minute.Thick, cloying… suffocating. 

A friend messaged me. “Ignore it”, she said. 

That’s how most of us exist each day, I guess. Struggling to fight the mundane, the stupidity, the lethargy swirling around us that is ever-present, undignified but proud, seemi gly invincible. With self-imposed apathy, we go out into the salt mines, perpetuating our  Sisyphean journey, because we need our paychecks, because each breath incurs expenses that don’t magically disappear, along with the memories of purchases we made to numb us from the stressors we face everyday. Yes, a vicious cycle this daily existence, to which an escape means darkness for eternity.

Oh dark, i fight you, i hate you with a ferocity borne from deep, feral grounds. Leave me be in my ignorant bliss, even for just a moment….or forever.


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