Be still my wandering restless heart. you beat the cage all too strongly. i fear for you. one day you will get tired and give into the arms of fate. or will you keep fighting, until maybe, just maybe you will break free…    


I thought that I had forgotten. Maybe there are just days when my memory dims and my mind tricks me that it has purged you into oblivion. Such day is not today. Today I remember you with such ferocity. Emotions and passion, a giant wave that crashed on me from nowhere. I long for the … More 2014


There are days when I feel like I’ve got my shit together. You know that moment when you have that strong sense of certainty in all the actions you will undertake for the day. Nothing, not one thought, could ever make you feel otherwise. So you step out into your day, strong, brave, all shades … More Falling


Everyone around Begs you to understand them But no one ever bothers To understand the things that upset you. Things that defy logic, In the stupid way. Inefficiency. Ignorance. Sloth. Greed. I sometimes believe There isn’t anything worth looking forward to in this life.


And eventually… Back at being strangers again. Like we never knew each other. Cords cut. Finally. And yet, What a traitorous heart! Wanting the knife plunged in, All over again.


And then one day Without warning, No more emotional memories. Just like that, Heart swiped clean once again.