Notes #1

I’ve had these mental notes from long ago but have failed to write down. They’re just tucked somewhere in the corners of my mind, and at times forgotten. Which is bad because I’d repeat some mistakes that I’ve vowed not to commit again (like watching these koreandramas that literally keep me up for 20 hours, disrupting my activities of daily living, yes that was you Saturday, my lovely, sweet, loyal Saturday, you and I had so much promise. Now I’m left to cram my Sunday to finish my list of to dos.)

So, here’s to why I’m cyberdocumenting my mental notes.

Notes from the orchard of my mind:

1. Stay away from 16 to 20 episodes (or more) of available koreandramas, reason cited above. (But Sungkyunkwan scandal was really good!). Watch 2 episodes on kdramas online instead. Chicago Typewriter, my eyes are on you! 🙂

2. Not all thoughts my mind tells me are: true, good/beneficial  for me, and ergo, worth dwelling on. And it’s best to keep my thoughts to myself until i’ve obliterated them to nothingness and clear my head of any fallacies.

3. Oil is good for moisturising and removing make up (and for cleaning make up tools, yes you yves rocher milk make up remover+human❤nature baby utensils dishwashing liquid.)

4. 2014 is long dead and gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. You’ve nothing to go back to. Face forward. Life is Good, regardless. God never fails to provide for my needs, material or human, etc. Aja!

’til the next note list, folks!

Love yourself.


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