Again is a word I’ve grown enemies with Across the years. It stands there, Mocking me From its high perch, Disdain emanating its eyes, Disbelief radiating from above. Again, how many times Have I purged you From myself? Again, how many times Have I failed? Advertisements

Left Behind

In memory of an uncle who lived, and loved so well… You always had more to give Even when you were already running on low It amazed me how you served others Your selflessness overflows And one day, you left us And all I have is regrets For all he insufficiencies i treated you with, … More Left Behind

Notes #1

I’ve had these mental notes from long ago but have failed to write down. They’re just tucked somewhere in the corners of my mind, and at times forgotten. Which is bad because I’d repeat some mistakes that I’ve vowed not to commit again (like watching these koreandramas that literally keep me up for 20 hours, … More Notes #1


Be still my wandering restless heart. you beat the cage all too strongly. i fear for you. one day you will get tired and give into the arms of fate. or will you keep fighting, until maybe, just maybe you will break free…